15th May 2024

This evening an otter was seen by our Lake Manager just outside the Main Gate

Please ensure that ALL gates remain firmly closed after entering or leaving the lake

Thank you

12th May 2024

Roughgrounds Lake is closed to allow the Carp to spawn. We will look to reopen on Monday 20th May 2024.


26 APR 2023

The committee reviewed the rules for all aspects of fishing last year prior to the new handbook going to print. The rules are considered to reflect the best interests of anglers, environment and of course our fish stocks.

All members should be conversant with the information contained in the handbook and especially the rules applicable to the type of fishing you elect to choose.

Several instances have been reported to the committee recently, of infringements of the rules, hence this reminder to all members.

Recurring instances of leaving rods unattended, electronic bite alarms with sound turned on and using 2 rods have all occurred recently. In addition a BBQ has been used on a platform which has damaged the rubber matting. Furthermore the Bailiff reports rubbish has been dumped at the lake.

This is a friendly reminder and not a debate to ensure all anglers adhere to the rules contained in the handbook. Finally common sense is to be used at all times, we can’t incorporate every eventuality into the handbook, hence we rely on you the angler to ensure your fishing session is, safe, enjoyable, does not infringe the rules and protects the environment together with our fish stocks.  

Signed HAC Committee



Extra ropes have been installed across the lake in an effort to deter the growing number of Cormorants